Orlando’s Learn Sativa Cannabis School

Let me start with a disclosure: I am a graduate of Oaksterdam, and am loyal to my alma mater. But taking pride in my own school doesn’t mean I have to be biased against other schools.  Learn Sativa is showing evidence of being another quality educational institution that specializes in Cannabis. What I have seen of them so far points to a school that provides solid educational opportunity.

Twice I have visited their campus while visiting Orlando. They occupy the second story of a building just off of Colonial Drive in the north part of the city.  The classroom facilities are nice. The grow area has a variety of different tents and lighting systems. They are doing professional video production and social media in one room.

They are offering 3 different classes with regularity.  A Cannabis 101 styled intro class provides an overview of the plant, the legal issues, job opportunities, and so on.  A cultivation class offers in-depth coverage of how to grow.  And a canna-business class deals with planning, starting, and fine-tuning an enterprise that is involved with the plant or becoming a bud tender.

The instructor-led classes meet once a week, two hours per session, for one month. Classes are limited to 30 or fewer students, no crowded ballrooms. The courses cost $300 to $500 dollars, depending.  Student satisfaction has been high. The school just published their text book (Two Pounds, Four Plants, One Light) via Amazon’s publishing house. While some of the grow books (like those from Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes) are encyclopedias that mention every possible method of cultivation, the Learn Sativa approach can be compared to a cookbook, with step by by step instructions, with emphasis on hydroponics.

As the Florida medical marijuana system continues to grow and develop, it is good to see programs like Learn Sativa.  Florida needs something like this.  I am optimistic that the graduates of Learn Sativa with be making contributions across the state, and across the south.