Chocolate is Best for Edibles

There are many different materials used to make edibles: gummies, sugar candy, water beverages, and baked goods (including the classical brownie). Chocolate is my favorite. Water based gelatin products can be highly variable – one bear can be a weakling, while another is killer. Molten hard candy is more difficult and dangerous to work with. Beverages are unstable unless someone does industrial scale processing. Baked goods have a limited shelf-life and more variability.

Chocolate is best.

Chocolate is a matrix of fat, and it accepts cannabinoids easily. It can be worked at fairly low temperatures and won’t burn a hole into your hand if some is spilled. Good chocolate is easy to find in any supermarket, and the fancier types of chocolate can be easily obtained on the internet. Kept refrigerated or frozen, chocolate will last for a long time. And according to my research, many people like the flavor.

Chocolates can be infused with alcohol based tinctures, but this is not a great idea. Alcohol tinctures contain significant amounts of water, which can reduce the shelf life of the final product… no one wants spoiled chocolate Water also makes chocolate harder and more ‘crystally’ and crumbly – maybe not a huge factor, but the esthetics are not optimal when water is blended into chocolate. If a tincture is used for chocolates, they should be kept in the refrigerator, and consumed within a few weeks or a month.

If you want to go beyond just a functional product and make a chocolate that is on par with commercial chocolates, you need to learn about things like tempering chocolate … good chocolate has a micro-crystalline structure that gives it a particular texture. Chocolate that is out of temper is perfectly fine to eat, but seems less luxurious. Tempering chocolate is not really difficult, but you have to understand how the trick is done, and it takes a bit of practice.

Chocolate can be used as an artistic medium – motivated people can create fantastically beautiful creations.

My Simple Method for Making Chocolate Edibles